Monday, September 9, 2013

Cute calf rain boots for women

These kamik heidi rain boots are very functional and yet still fashionable and adorable, very comfortable and are well made, the tread is substantial. They aren't the just like tennis shoes or the like. Your feet feel heavier, but the traction on the soles is great. They've a smooth lining with a clear plastic external layer, the yellow color is as vibrant as it looks. They're just the right height for simple to slip on rain/mud boots,  waterproof and boots are well really worth the money.

Color: Black/noir - Lime - Pink - Red - Yellow - Dark Purple - Teal - Medium Grey

If you are searching for a real rainboot which is still nice looking, this as a really fantastic with the style and comfortable level.  The buckle/patch offers them a unique design,  and doesn't feel cheap at all.  This may be not the very best boot if you are walking a few blocks on a rainy street and have never believed of stepping calf deep in mud.

Color: Black - Charcoal - Dark Brown - Green

If you're tired of seeing the same rain boots with prints, try this design! These boots are of very good quality, and very cute and the colorful design was attractive. They're beautiful and functional and thus fun to wear. Any cowgirl who adores paisley would enjoy these. It suits perfectly with room for socks. The purple is quite strong and almost looks black unless you're out in the sunlight.

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